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  1. What is your website all about?

KZPA96 is an organization that supports the rights of Russian motorists who utilize the country’s streets and main highways.  We do not side with any party or government affiliation. We are nonprofit, meaning, we do not personally earn from this organization. Our members are composed of professionals who have a common desire of helping co-motorists through information.

  1. Why did you create your organization?

It started in 2012 when the first 10 volunteers of the organization met each other in a private government affair. The light topic conversations of renting a bike in Amsterdam and boat rental in Amsterdam turned serious when the rights of Russian motorists were raised. The 10 founders agreed that we need to establish an organization that focuses on maintaining a regular insight into laws and policies that govern Russian motorists.

  1. If I have a concern regarding particular laws implemented in my area, can I share it here?

Our website aims to share as much information regarding the laws governing motorists in Russia. We also want to reach to officials who can do something about your problems and concerns as owners and users of private and public vehicles. You can share it through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon we can.

  1. I want to be part of your organization. What should I do?

Because of the increasing number of people who want to be officially part of the organization, we have become very strict in welcoming our new guests. We are currently developing a system and set of standards that we can adhere to so that we can make sure that you can rightly represent not just the organization but the general motorists as well.

  1. I would love to write articles for you as a volunteer. How should I apply?

We created a specific page for writers and contributors on our website. Since we are a non-profit organization, we are always open to accept volunteers who share our advocacy for balance in motorists’ rights and initiate the dissemination of information to our fellow road users. As our writer, you can also contribute to our blogs about travel like where to go for cheap hotels in Amsterdam. There are many topics that we need to cover which you could help us with. During the process, you will learn road safety and other topics related to public information. You can go our Write For Us page to know more about how to be more involved.

  1. Can I advertise on your website?

Our funding is based solely on contributions and support from volunteers and the profits from website advertisement. If you want to advertise your online shops, promote discounts to save money on electronics, or endorse new company events, you can submit your proposals to the Advertise Here page.

Article Name
KZPA96 is a non-profit organization composed of more than 30 volunteers from the different parts of Russia. We met in a government affair from two years back and have since started to develop and push laws, content articles, and even cheap website traffic to ensure that the voice of motorists is heard. We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to speak our minds so that our rights as motorists in Russia are guaranteed and acknowledged.